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About Emille's Moonlight Serenade


Formed in 2011 by composer SALA, and completed in 2012 by vocalist IBARA, gothic music project Emille's Moonlight Serenade sets hard rock and heavy-metal against folk, classic and digital elements to take you away to a unique fantasy world. With each album, we are introduced to new complex characters and we witness their words and feelings played out from song to song as if we're turning the pages of an epic fantasy novel.

Emille provides music for popular rhythm game "osu!", and their work has also been featured in international hit NETFLIX anime "Kengan Ashura" as the theme song for Hajime Hanafusa.

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New release!




10th February
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A creative and multitalented musician, SALA regularly writes, arranges and mixes for other artists. As well as his work in Japan, he has previously performed and released material outside of Japan, including a CD release in Taiwan and concerts in Singapore.



14th February

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IBARA's stunning expressive range allows us to feel the joy, sorrow and
anger of characters within the songs.

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